RFQ (#02-04132021): Engineering Design Services- Lot C Site Plan & Utilities Coordination

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Due Date

4/13/2021 2:00:00 PM

Additional Information

Please review Addendum #1
The City of Weldon Spring is requesting engineering design and utility coordination services for the development of a site improvement plan for parks and recreational uses on a 2.43 acre parcel. If your firm/organization would like to be considered for these consulting services, you may express your interest by responding to the appropriate city office, which is indicated on page two.

Please limit your letter of interest to no more than eight (8) pages or be less than two (2) pages total. A page is defined as an 8.5’ x 11” sheet of paper and printed on one side. This letter should include any information which might help us in the selection process, such as the persons or team you would assign to the project, the backgrounds of those individuals, and other projects your company has recently completed or are now actively engaged with. It is required that your firm’s Statement of Qualification (RSMo 8.285 through 8.291) be submitted with your firm’s Letter of Interest or be on file with the City of Weldon Spring. The statement of qualification is not included in the total page count limit.
We request all letters of interest be received by 2:00 PM on April 13, 2021 to
5401 Independence Rd, Weldon Spring, MO 63304.

City of Weldon Spring – Site Improvement Plan & Utility Coordination

Location: 2.43 acre Lot C – Siedentop Rd. west of Trace Apartments

Project Objectives: Develop a site improvement plan for Lot C

Area: Within City corporate limits, approximately 7.78 square miles

Estimated Project Budget: TBD

Consultant Services Required:
  • Prepare a Site Improvement Plan for Lot C showing various improvements as identified by the City.
  • Improvements will likely include such amenities as a pavilion/gazebo, walking trail, parking lot, restroom facility, driveway, utility lateral connections and fixtures.
  • Design and coordinate with Ameren Electric and Missouri American Water Company for utility main extensions to Lot C. Note, these utilities will be coming from the direction of the Technology Dr./Siedentop Rd. Roundabout.
  • Identify and design utility lateral connections for future Lot C improvements (electric, water and sanitary sewer).
  • Prepare a detailed and itemized engineer’s Construction Cost Estimate for improvements specifically for the electric and water utility main extensions to Lot C.
  • May need a topographical land survey to determine and verify boundaries, elevations, easements, and other restrictions.
  • Project timeline: All engineering and utility coordination work must be completed by August 16, 2021.

Michael Padella
City Administrator
5401 Independence Rd.
Weldon Spring, MO 63304
(636) 441-2110 ext. 102
mpadella@weldonspring.org (preferred)

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 2:00 PM

Letter of Interest should not exceed eight (8) pages or be less than two (2) pages total. A page is defined as one 8-1/2 by 11 inches sheet and printed on one side. Two copies of the Letter of Interest should be received at the address and by the time specified.
The following criteria will be used to assist with the review, consideration and be a basis for selection of the successful firm.

Rating Criteria and Weighted Values:
Past Performance/Success on Similar Work 30 Max Points
Project Understanding and Innovation 20 Max Points
Experience and Qualifications 20 Max Points
Ability to Meet Project Schedules 10 Max Points
Community Engagement/Address Citizens’ Input 10 Max Points
Accessibility of Firm and Staff 10 Max Points
Total Possible 100 Points
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