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Community Development

The Community Development Division handles all planning & zoning, building, land use/disturbance, code enforcement/compliance, and stormwater management issues.

If you have any questions or need other forms please contact Steve Lauer at (636) 441-2110 ext. 106. 

2018 City of Weldon Spring Zoning Map

The City's Comprehensive Plan

The Weldon Spring Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) provides guidelines for decisions concerning future land conservation, development, and redevelopment within the city limits. The primary objective is to preserve and enhance the quality of life for current residents as well as future generations. The Comp Plan suggests where various future land uses should occur and provides direction for public service and infrastructure decisions as well as natural resource conservation. The Plan not only provides direction for the city's decision-makers but responds to the expectations of residents for consistent decision making by city-appointed and elected officials and staff.

City of Weldon Spring Comprehensive Plan
Comprehensive Plan Maps

The Development Process:

The City's new Development Review Guide (DRG) is a step by step tool meant to help walk you through the development process especially as it relates to residential developments. Application forms are available just below or in the City Document Center, under the Community Development folder. Submittal deadlines to the city for getting on either the Planning and Zoning or Board of Alderman agenda are listed located under the Forms and Documents drop down in the Community Development folder. The deadlines listed are for submittal of reviewed and approved by Staff plans for getting on the desired meeting agendas. The Staff review process usually takes a minimum of 15-25 working days for most projects. The Review time and response time from the applicant and consultants to staff comments dictate the review time required. Review time is also dependent on the complexity of the project. 

Development Review Guide (DRG)

Conceptual Review Plan
Sketch Plan
Minor Area Plan, Preliminary Plat, Record Plat
Area Plan, Final Development Plan, Section Plan
Conditional Use Permit
Request for Rezoning
Multipurpose & Land Use Permit Form
List of Building Materials & Colors
Pool Disclosure Form Letter

Permit Application List:

This excel spreadsheet a list of all the current applicants seeking to permit from the City for a variety of development or improvement activities can be found. Home Owner Associations (HOA) can now check this list to see if any subdivision residents are planning to make improvements to their property, which may require the HOA's review and approval. The list will be updated weekly should applications be submitted to the City.

View the Permit Application List