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Road Projects

This page lists general information regarding road projects happening in the city. All projects include a brief description of the scope of work. Please contact City hall (636) 441-2110 for questions or concerns.

Westwood Drive

A St. Charles County Highway Department project. The road is being slightly widened, straightened, and improved. Curb, gutters, enclosed drainage, and a sidewalk will likely be included as a part of the project. Visit for more.

Sammelman Road

The scope of this project is split into two phases. The first short-term would resolve safety concerns for pedestrians by adding a sidewalk along a portion of Sammelman Road. Second would a longer-term solution for adding a walking trail, curb & gutter, stormwater inlets, shoulders, bike lanes, and roadway improvements.
- Documents:
Sammelman Road: Phase 1 Pedestrian Facilities Design
Sammelman Road: Map

Independence Road Phase IV

The Final Phase of the Independence Road improvements. This projects extends south from City Hall to the entrance of Galahad.

RTE 94 & South Breeze Road

This project was completed in Fall of 2019. Visit