Siedentop LOT-C Pocket Park Project

Where is the LOT-C Pocket Park going to be located & why there?
The City of Weldon Spring was given this land by the developers of the Trace Apartment Complex before the apartments' construction began.
As shown in the map above from the City-wide Parks & Greenway Master Plan 2022, the LOT-C Pocket Park would serve a 1/2 mile walkable radius including the neighborhoods of Cedar Glenn, Chapter One, and the Trace Apartments. This portion of the city currently has no walkable city park access because of Highway 94. 

How will the LOT-C Project be paid for?
The City of Weldon Spring was given approximately $270,000 by the developers of the Trace Apartment to be specifically allocated for the LOT-C. Any money spent beyond the $270,000 would come out of the City's Parks & Facilities Fund.

When would the LOT-C Project be finished and the park open?
The answer to this question is still to be determined, but broadly speaking as soon as possible. The Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC) is in the planning stages currently, then will move on to a Request for Proposal process in which final choices will be made.

How can people be involved?
The City Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC) will host limited number of Public Open houses throughout the planning process. The first of these will be on July 11, 2022 in the Red Barn. Please come see and talk with the PRAC about what you would like to see in the new park.

How can I get more information?
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