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Winter Storm Water Update
Posted on Thursday November 28, 2019
For information about creek shore erosion and maintenance please read this update.

Storm Water Update

Creek Shore Erosion

The City of Weldon Spring is fortunate to have many creeks and wooded areas that maintain the natural beauty of the region. Much of the area falls into riparian zones. A riparian zone is a vegetated area of plants near a stream. A healthy riparian zone plays a crucial role in increasing the water quality in streams and rivers and providing environmental benefits. Protecting and reestablishing riparian zones increases water quality, provides flood control, and reduces water pollution. The dumping of grass clippings, brush, etc. interferes with stabilization efforts because they can smother existing plants. Once they die, their root structure is no longer viable and no longer holding the soil, rendering it bare and unstable.

Who is responsible for creek maintenance?

Creek maintenance is the responsibility of the landowner where the creek is located. In the City of Weldon Spring, most creeks are on private property owned by residents, or on common ground owned by a homeowner’s association. Landowners are responsible for helping prevent erosion, clear debris restricting flow, and abiding by all local and federal water laws.

Some of the creeks flowing through the City are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), which is the regulating authority for jurisdictional waterways per federal regulations. If a creek is designated as a “blue line” on a topographical map, then special permits are required before performing any non-routine maintenance to a creek. Maintenance, such as tree removal or picking up trash, is classified as regular, and no permit is required.