Independence Road Phase IV Update 04/12/19
Posted on Friday April 12, 2019
Project update from Cochran.
IndependenceIV 4-12-19Update 4/12/19
- Crews have started laying asphalt from the Camelot Dr. entrance to Galahad Dr.. 
- Monday 4/15 after 9 am the road is expected to open one way to local South-bound traffic headed towards Bryan Middle School. 
- The Main Camelot entrance will be closed. People wanting to access the Camelot neighborhood must access through the Galahad entrance.
Please use caution as it is still a construction zone.    

Update 3/18/19
- Karrenbrock has hauled 143 truckloads of soil off site from the existing pond.
- Approximately 4,925 tons of screenings have been hauled in, graded, and compacted over the existing pond and road bed in preparation for storm sewer structure and pipe placement. Cochran performed compaction testing on each lift of screenings with successful results of compaction.
- Approximately 15 storm structures and 903 linear feet of storm pipe have been installed. Karrenbrock is continuing to work on storm sewer installation for phase lA.
- Grading operations are continuing to take place between Galahad Drive and Camelot Drive to reach proposed elevations.
- Karrenbrock is continuing to wait on AT&T to relocate their lines in order to remove the remaining tree stumps in front of Kuenz property and to finish grubbing.
- Site System Landscaping has completed work on boulder wall #1 on the south side of Independence Road.
- Excavation for modular block wall #3 has been completed. Type 5 rock base course was installed and tested for compaction with successful results.
- Site System Landscaping is continuing work on modular block wall #3. Capping blocks have been placed.
- Spire Gas has completed their gas main relocation for the project on March 8th.
- Cochran contacted Tracy Taylor on March 15th to get a schedule update. Tracy said they are coordinating with ADB to have bore pits pumped out due to the rain received this week. Tracy confirmed they will be out on-site next week to continue splicing and can provide definite dates to Cochran next week.

Work for the next Two Weeks will be as follows: 
- Site System Landscaping will continue working on retaining wall #3 and begin work on retaining wall #4. 
- AT&T will coordinate with ADB to have bore pits pumped out and continue splicing service lines. 
- Karrenbrock Construction will finish storm sewer installation between Galahad Drive and Camelot Drive, finish grubbing on phase lB, and start placing curbs and base rock for phase lA. Half the drive entrances for El Cabal lo Drive and Kuenz Driveway will be poured and storm sewer installation for phases 1B and lC will begin. 

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