10/5/2022 | Posted in: October 2022
Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow that moves across an impervious surface. The City of Weldon Spring, and most cities in the St. Louis metro, have a stormwater system that follows engineering design criteria & standards required by St. Charles and based on the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District. 
Most local road storm sewers are designed to handle a 15-year, 20-minute storm. When more significant storms hit the region over a wide area, flash flooding can occur since the inlets and pipes cannot accommodate the flow. The detention basins of many developments reduce the peak runoff and help prevent flooding downstream. The City has very little development in the special flood hazard areas. Even still, the City of Weldon Spring does participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), so all residents are eligible to purchase flood insurance. The NFIP provides flood insurance to property owners, renters, and businesses, and having this coverage helps them recover faster when floodwaters recede. 
In the City of Weldon Spring, many streets and stormwater systems are privately maintained by the property owners and Homeowner Associations (HOA). On publicly maintained roads, the City typically maintains the storm sewers within the roadway right-of-way but does not maintain detention basins or drainage areas on common grounds or private property.
Each property is unique, so residents must review ordinances to determine the exact maintenance responsibilities of the City, HOAs, and property owners.


Keeping the stormwater system free of leaves, lawn debris, tree limbs, and litter is critical to handle the maximum flow and minimize flash flooding risks.
Reporting any external visual defects is critical in identifying potential maintenance needs; the most common indication of a potential problem is the erosion or sinking of soil at or around stormwater inlets or pipes. If a resident has a question or concern, please contact City Hall at 636.441.2110 ext.110.
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