9/30/2021 | Posted in: October 2021
The Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Budget which began on October 1, 2020 and concludes on September 30, 2021 is estimated to end on target. The City’s General Fund is showing a likely surplus of over $100K due to a variety of line items coming in under budget in relatively small increments. The Parks/Facilities, State Revenue Sharing, Road & Bridge and Sewer Funds are all expected to operate deficits in FY 2021 which was planned. These deficits are coming in lower than originally budgeted and will be subsidized by existing fund reserves from their respective fund account or by General Fund if no reserves are available. See Table 1 on page 11 for details. 
A summary of capital/special projects identified and pursued during the fiscal year that were either completed or started are listed below: 
  1. City-wide Community Surveys were completed by ETC. 
  2. Gravel portion of Nancy Lane was repaired and upgraded with improved drainage swales and central pipe. 
  3. The City Hall/Park parking lot was repaired and overlaid. 
  4. Programable and automatic locks were installed on the two Park restrooms. 
  5. Additional technology equipment was purchased in installed in the Board Room. 
  6. The new walking trails in the City Park were constructed adding approximately ½ mile of additional asphalt trails to the main Park.  
  7. Electrical upgrades were made to the exterior lighting fixtures and replacement of all the parking lot light fixtures around City Hall and the Parks Building. 
  8. Award of contract and beginning of Parks & Greenway (trails) Master Plan process. 
  9. Review and delay of award of contract for the Facilities Conditions & Needs Assessment (FCNA) project (will likely be deferred to FY 2023).
  10. Emergency repairs and replacement of an additional culvert pipe on back Wolfrum Rd. was completed by St. Charles County Hwy Dept. 
  11. Roadway safety improvements to the Sammelman Rd. “90° Curve” were engineered and construction substantially completed. 
  12. City Engineer expanded his review and analysis of the City’s public infrastructure and prepared and presented to the BOA a five-year maintenance plan and budget. 
  13. The City selected an engineering firm to completed a “Site Concept Plan” for the future pocket park along Siednetop Rd. next to the Trace Apartments. 
  14. City Planner and Staff reviewed potential Chapter 400 code changes and presented to the P&Z Commission and Board of Aldermen for consideration. 
  15. City Clerk researched and prepared a Business License ordinance update which was approved by the BOA. 
  16. The City Administrator and City Clerk prepared and presented details regarding economic development activities and efforts and a draft policy on the use of incentive programs to attract and retain businesses was presented. 
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