LPR Cameras in Weldon Spring

12/5/2023 | Posted in: News
In the continued effort to improve public safety, Weldon Spring installed new Safety Camera Systems along public streets and intersections.
The City of Weldon Spring’s Elected Officials authorized up to  $99,000 for the initial installation and setup and approximately $8,000/year to maintain the safety cameras along the major city streets. These cameras will assist multiple police agencies by providing valuable information on vehicles associated with crimes. This technology enables law enforcement to monitor or retroactively review  specific locations with time stamped photo/video data. This will enable law enforcement to have another tool to help prevent, deter, and solve crimes.
Weldon Spring will join a growing list of communities using safety camera systems. These camera systems work in conjunction with law enforcement creating  a network of monitored locations that identify and track the movement of vehicles involved in criminal activity.
These first cameras will be used as a pilot program with additional cameras installed in the future if the program is a success. For more information regarding this city initiative please contact City Hall at 636.441.2110.
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