Resident Survey Initial Results

6/8/2021 | Posted in: June 2021
A big "THANK YOU," to all the residents that took the time to complete and return the community-wide survey that was conducted by ETC Institute between April and May of this year. The City is in receipt of the initial findings report and analysis. The City will take some time to review and digest the survey report, which is over 100 pages in length, but will post the full findings report on our website in the coming days.
The City set out to engage the community and obtain valuable input, feedback and gauge the community’s opinion for future priorities. The City’s goal was to receive at least 360 survey responses from residents, the City exceeded its goal and received 380. This ensures that the survey results have at least a 95% level of confidence with a precision of at least +/-5%.
The findings report is too expansive and detailed to summarize in one short newsletter article adequately or effectively, however, highlights of some of the major findings are provided below. Look for additional follow up stories/content on the survey results in future newsletters, on the City website and social media posts. Weldon Spring rated at or above the national average in 44 of the 46 areas that were assessed.
Area/Service: Weldon Spring Rating: U.S. Average Rating:
As a place to live 99% 73%
As a place to raise a family 97% 71%
As a place to retire 86% 57%
Availability of indoor community center/event space 41% 38%
Enforcement of city codes and ordinances 68% 52%
Feeling of safety in the City parks 86% 65%
Feeling of safety in your neighborhood during the day 98% 89%
Maintenance of City streets, sidewalks, buildings & facilities 75% 52%
Number of walking and biking trails 75% 63%
Overall appearance of the City 88% 66%
Overall value received for City taxes & fees 72% 44%
Police protection services 81% 64%
The City’s parks and recreation system 88% 59%
The visibility of police in commercial areas 59% 62%
The visibility of police in neighborhoods 59% 62%
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