New Official City Flag

6/7/2021 | Posted in: June 2021
The City of Weldon Spring has a new Official City Flag. While volunteering, resident Vic Conlin, a member of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC), noticed Weldon Spring did not have a flag on display at the St. Charles County Election Authority office like many other cities do. He brought this to the PRAC’s attention, and the group suggested asking the community for their input on a new design. In the winter newsletter the city asked residents to submit flag designs. After receiving a few submissions City staff used those designs to create something that represents this great community. In May the PRAC made a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen to adopt this new flag. The Board of Aldermen officially adopted the new flag by resolution in late May.
What this flag means:
  • The log cabin and tree represent our storied past and our bright future all while reminding everyone that Weldon Spring is home.
  • The wavy blue lines represent the waters that define and shape the community, the Missouri River, and John Weldon’s Spring.
  • The wavy green line represents the natural beauty of trees, pastures and rolling hills.
  • The white background represents peace and neighborly kindness.
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