Golf carts in the City

6/9/2021 | Posted in: June 2021
Weldon Spring has officially been a “Golfcart Community” since 2013 when the City first adopted codes and standards allowing golfcarts on public city streets (otherwise such vehicles are not allowed per state statutes).  The City revisited the topic and updated its standards and requirements in August of 2019. Here is a refresher of some of the major requirements and standards for the operation of a golfcart or “low-speed vehicle, LSV” on public streets.
  • Anyone operating a golfcart shall have a valid operator’s license.
  • Anyone operating a golfcart shall adhere to all traffic signs and/or signals and when crossing subdivision streets, the golfcart operator shall yield to all cross-traffic, on-coming vehicles and/or pedestrians.
  • The golfcart shall be properly insured or have other coverage; and such proof of insurance shall specifically list the vehicle as referenced by the serial number and year of model.
  • The golfcart shall be operated at a speed not exceeding twenty (20) miles per hour.
To view the full golfcart ordinance details and requirements please visit the City’s online code: and remember please be safe and responsible while operating any motorized vehicle.
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