Grass Clippings- Friend or Foe?

6/7/2022 | Posted in: News
Warm weather and spring rains bring out the lawnmowers, inevitably leading to grass clippings on sidewalks, driveways, and roadways. All yard waste is a stormwater concern because it can clog storm drains and pipes, causing drainage and flooding issues. Additionally, grass clippings and yard waste are considered stormwater pollutants. As they break down, grass clippings release nutrients that encourage harmful algae growth, deplete oxygen levels, and kill aquatic organisms.

How to Keep Grass Clippings out of Storm Drains & Waterways
Leave the clippings in place or compost them for natural fertilizer. 
Use a mulching mower and direct chutes away from hard surfaces. 
Keep your grass a little longer; taller grass has deeper roots. 
Most importantly, sweep up or blow grass clippings off the streets, driveways, sidewalks, and back onto the lawn!
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