City to Require Permits and Insurance for Excavation & Right of Way Maintenance Projects

5/24/2023 | Posted in: News
In an effort ensure the public’s safety and improve accountability by contractors and utility companies working within roadway right-of-way in the City of Weldon Spring, the Board of Aldermen passed Ordinance 23-06.
Some of the major changes/enhancements to Section 505.040 include:
  • For “large scale” projects sealed engineered plans are required
  • All companies with affiliated work are required to provide proof of liability insurance
  • Maintenance Bonds are required
  • Permits have an automatic expiration date but can be extended
  • Numerous other misc. safety provisions
The new ordinance replaced the old Section 505.040. The new provision requires any one or any company planning to dig, excavate, or bore within the right-of-way to first obtain a permit from the City of Weldon Spring. These provisions also apply to all street rights-of-way within the City, regardless of public or private status. The updated permitting process applies to roadway construction activities when work involves digging, excavating, and removal of pavement, driveway connections, curbs, or pavement base; it does not apply to general roadway maintenance activities on the surface such. This permitting process only applies to work occurring within the roadway/street right-of-way.
The full ordinance can be reviewed at Ordinance-23-06-Amending-Section-505-040-Permitting-Excavating-Provisions, and the new Right-of-way Excavation Permit Application can also be viewed and downloaded online. For questions about the right-of-way excavation permitting process, please contact City Hall and request to speak to the City Engineer.
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