6/10/2021 | Posted in: June 2021
Planning to do construction work on your property or disturb the soil? Construction on your property requires review and approval by the City of Weldon Spring, St. Charles County, and your Homeowne...
6/9/2021 | Posted in: June 2021
Weldon Spring has officially been a “Golfcart Community” since 2013 when the City first adopted codes and standards allowing golfcarts on public city streets (otherwise such vehicles ar...
6/9/2021 | Posted in: June 2021
A summary of the City's Finances as of 3/31/21
6/8/2021 | Posted in: June 2021
A big "THANK YOU," to all the residents that took the time to complete and return the community-wide survey that was conducted by ETC Institute between April and May of this year. The Cit...
6/7/2021 | Posted in: June 2021
The City of Weldon Spring has a new Official City Flag. While volunteering, resident Vic Conlin, a member of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC), noticed Weldon Spring did not have...
6/4/2021 | Posted in: June 2021
Below is a list of related ordinances that the Board of Aldermen passed since the last Newsletter.   Copies of our most recent ordinances can be found at
5/18/2021 | Posted in: May 2021
Thank you to everyone who submitted their survey.
5/16/2021 | Posted in: May 2021
The City is excited to announce its first Summer community events: Kids fishing Day & Independence Celebration.
5/14/2021 | Posted in: June 2021
The residents of Weldon Spring elected a mayor, and three alderpersons