Community-Wide Survey 2021

Household Survey Results

The Weldon Spring Community Wide Survey is completed. A total of 380 households completed the survey and this resulted in a 95% level of confidence with a precision of +/-5%. The Weldon Spring Community-Wide Resident Survey Report details the household responces. Below are highlights from the resident report:
Area/Service: Weldon Spring Rating: U.S. Average Rating:
As a place to live 99% 73%
As a place to raise a family 97% 71%
As a place to retire 86% 57%
As a place to work 73% 60%
Police protection services 81% 64%
Feeling of safety in the City parks 86% 65%
Feeling of safety in your neighborhood during the day 98% 89%
The City’s parks and recreation system 88% 59%
Maintenance of City streets, sidewalks, buildings & facilities 75% 52%
Customer service from city employees 74% 51%
Overall appearance of the City 88% 66%
Overall value received for City taxes & fees 72% 44%
Overall satisfaction with City services 84% 59%


Business Survey Results

The Weldon Spring Community-Wide Business Survey Report details the business responces.


The City of Weldon Spring hired the ETC to conduct a survey of residents and businesses in the city limits. The Mayor & Board of Aldermen will use the anonymous response data collected to help direct city resources and shape policy decisions in the future. The survey will cover a wide variety of topics from public safety to parks & recreation. This valuable feedback is very important. The City wants to hear from residents & businesses on performance and improvements that can be made. For any questions or concerns, please contact City Hall at (636) 441-2110 or email the Community Relations Coordinator.

A request for proposal for this project was done in the Fall of 2020.