Stormwater Management

Keeping our Waterways Clean

Making a few changes in our daily lives can significantly reduce the number of pollutants we contribute to stormwater runoff. If you have time please check out for more information on stormwater quality.

Here are some everyday tips that can help in keeping our waterways clean:

  • If needed, use fertilizers and pesticides per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • When draining a pool be sure to check that the discharge water has a PH in the range between 6.5 and 8.5. Try to ensure that the backwash does not cause any problems.

  • Consider adding a rain garden or rain barrel to your summer yard projects.

  • If you have pets, remember to clean up after them and dispose of the waste properly.

  • Try to do some plantings of trees, shrubs or ornamentals to increase the green space on your property and help retain stormwater runoff. Native plants work best.

  • If you have a septic tank and have not checked it recently you should check it once a year


Storm Sewer Maintenance Issues

Many storm sewer issues fall under storm sewer maintenance.  Such issues could include, but are not limited to, blocked inlets, sinking around storm sewer inlet, water backing up in detention basins, missing lid etc.  These are normally addressed by St. Charles County for the public streets and the Homeowners Association for private streets and storm systems and detention basins. If you feel that you have a maintenance issue please contact the City.

Suspect Illegal Dumping

Just a reminder: If you see any suspicious dumping of liquids or debris into the storm sewers, roadside ditches or waterways within the City of Weldon Spring, or see a visible sheen on the ground or on water, please contact the City as soon as possible. Also foul smelling or strange looking emissions into the air should be reported. 

Please Contact:
Bill Schnell
CIty Engineer & Stormwater Manager
636-441-2110 Ext. 110

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)

Our new MS4 Permit has been issued by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.


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