Police Vacation/Out of Town Checks Request
The City of Weldon Spring contracts with St. Charles County Police for dedicated patrol within the City limits. 

St. Charles County Police has asked that all requests for "out of town" checks on homes where owners are on vacation be submitted through the St. Charles County Police website.  This way, it is more efficient, and can be on the in-car computers for all officers, not just those working the Weldon Spring contract. 

The web address for this is:  www.sccmo.org  which is the County website, and there is a “search” bar at the top.  You can either search “how do I submit for extra police patrol” and the form pops up, or you can Click Here for the actual form extension.

If you have any questions about making such a request feel free to contact the City of Weldon Spring Municipal Court at 636.441.2110 ext. 108.


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